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Welcome to Tryfan Inn.


A free house opened by us the current owners in December 2019. We provide high quality traditional pub grub with all the food we sell either home-prepared or supplied (including all meats) by local sources. Our drinks menu (which changes from time to time) is a mix of local produce such as gin and craft beer as well as a range of products that are popular throughout Wales and beyond.


To say that the last year has been met with a few challenges would be an understatement, yet we continue to progress despite the many obstacles we have faced. However, some issues may still crop up regarding supply chain, staffing or health and safety and we appreciate your patients and and understanding should any issues occur during your visit. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the menu or anything else, please ask a member of staff.


Thank you for visiting.


Dewi Llewelyn Sion & Dewi Fôn


Park and Ride


Whilst on your visit to the Tryfan Inn there are many local attraction to see. Located on the edge of the Ogwen Valley you are only a short drive from a large mountain range with stunning views. There is a Park and Ride situated in Bethesda almost directly outside the Tryfan Inn, which makes a visit to our pub a fantastic option for refreshments after a long hard day of sight seeing!


Tryfan Mountain Walks


Tryfan mountain is situated in the Owen Valley within the Snowdonia National Park. The mountain forms part of the Glyderau group of mountains and is recognised as one of Britain's greatest peaks. Tryfan stands at a staggering 917.5 meters tall making it the 15th highest in Wales. Legend tells of how this is the final resting place of Sir Bedivere (Bedwyr) of the Arthurian mythology.


There are many routes to the summit of  Tryfan, ranging from easy ridge scrambling  to mountaineering rock climbing - each route offers varying levels of excitement along side stunning views. One of the most popular routes is and accent through the North Face of Tryfan mountain. This route is easily accessible from the A5 roadside, around a mile east of the Ogwen Cottage. This route leads you directly to the ridge at a Grade 1 scramble and can be quite challenging particularly in the upper sections of the ridge. This route will take you to a distinctive rock known as 'The Cannon' which sits at a 45 degrees and is visible from the valley.


At the summit of Tryfan lays two famous monoliths of Adam and Eve, a pair of 3 meter tall rocks which are separated by 1 meter.  In order to gain the 'Freedom of Tryfan' one must tackle the step between the 2 rocks, however - exposure on one side is quite extreme which can make failure deadly.


Llyn Idwal Walks


Llyn Idwal is a small lake positioned in the heart of Cwm Idwal in the Glyderau mountains of the Snowdonia national park. The lake takes its name from Prince Idwal Foel, the son of Rhodri Mawr (the ancient King of Wales). Legend has it that the Princes children were murdered in the lake by drowning. Idwal Foel died in a battle against the Saxons in 942 and was cremated beside the lake.


The lake is easily accessible from the Ogwen Cottage just off of the A5, along a 900 meter stone-paved path. At the lake the path splits into two, both leading to the top of the ridge close to the 'Devils Kitchen'. On the Northwest edge of the lake is a pebble beach which can be used for bathing during the summer months.

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